Infinite Possibilities: I Believe in ME!

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An Empowerment Program for Youth!

Infinite Possibilities: I Believe in ME! began in the summer of 2015 through The Dowd Education Center – an educational facility under the umbrella of The Homeless Families Foundation here in Columbus, OH. Many of the 9 students who entered the program began with behavior issues, lack of trust, and an inability to make eye contact and by summer’s end were smiling, laughing, engaged in the program completely, and even made a dance video with me to Pharrell William’s song, Happy!

Additional Programs

In the summer of 2016, I shared the first advanced class in Infinite Possibilities: I Believe in ME! through HFF, as students who participated throughout the year wanted more! We used the same IP IBIM concepts and went deeper, asking the students to apply the principles in real-life challenges, like bullying and body-image. As with the foundational program, for the 17 students who participated, it was a huge success and empowerment is happening!

In addition to the advanced class, I created a new level for younger students and now have really fun and exciting tools for the 2nd to 3rd graders, ages 7-8. There are a group of dolls, named the IPpie Kids, that were created to represent the concepts, a coloring book with a story that relates each session’s main point, a character book with the IPpie Kids acting as The Superhero Squad to help students use the concepts with their challenges, and a new Student Funbook for use in the class and as a take home guide for when the class ends.

The Homeless Families Foundation is so pleased with the results of ALL of the classes and shifts in the students they have now asked for me to work with the k-1 aged students. Soon, the program will have materials and tools available for k-12!

How do I become an owner of or trainer in Infinite Possibilities: I Believe in ME!?

In addition to the student programs that are now being shared in various part of the world, the trainings for trainers has expanded as well. After multiple live and webinar instructor training events, there are currently packages available for the training, for both Infinite Possibilities trainers, and those interested in working with young people from outside of the IP community.   The packages include everything needed to start working with young people with Infinite Possibilities: I Believe in ME!

Complete turnkey training packages available include:

  • 12 hours of video for Instructor Training
  • PPTs of each individual session, ready to use with the exception of videos, (against copyright law)
  • Instructor Manual – includes lists of suggested videos and all materials required for classes
  • Student Funbook
  • Access to a private IP: IBIM Facebook group for community and sharing
  • Access to printer for ordering all additional Student Funbooks for class at cost

Whether you are an individual looking to be trained in the program to begin working with youth on your own, or an organization that already works with youth, and would like to own this program for your organization, the package is now available to you.

Pricing for an individual is available on the registration page. Pricing for program ownership to your organization is available only through me personally. For more information on receiving your training materials and package, please email me at

The Coloring Book

I Believe in ME!: The Adventure Begins…

The I Believe in ME!, The Adventure Begins Coloring Book is available for purchase!

The coloring book walks the reader through the concepts of the ten sessions of Infinite Possibilities: I Believe in ME! with ME!, the character you see on the cover! Two delightful images per session accompany the story for an interactive and fun learning experience!

A bazillion heartfelt thanks to the amazing and talented Debbie Pearson, the illustrator, who worked tirelessly on getting the book up, online and available for purchase!

I am sooooo deeply grateful!

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Children’s Character Story Book

I Believe in ME! School, Where All Students Have Superpowers!

Meet the Superhero Squad from the I Believe in ME! School where all students have superpowers. Meet, The Hero of Happiness, Bella B. Leaves and her pet bee that only has one wing, E. Moshun, Ak Shin, Dreamy D. Zire, Faith, and Me Ning Uflife and join them as they guide a new student through her current life challenge.

The IP: IBIM program shares the concepts within this book to show young people their own power to live life more deliberately, and consciously create the life of their dreams. Success comes to those who understand the importance of what they think, believe, say, and do.

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Adult Program

Infinite Possibilities

Do you ever wonder why life seems so easy for some people and not for others?

Are you looking to make some changes in your life but struggling with how to go about it?

Just want MORE JOY?

Location: Please email me for more information on current offerings.

Certified as an Infinite Possibilities Trainer by Mike Dooley, author of The New York Time’s best-selling book of the same name and featured speaker in the movie, The Secret, my desire is to share this program on living more consciously and deliberately so that anyone and everyone has the opportunity to understand how powerful they are, and that they are meant to thrive instead of just survive!

Through an understanding of some easy to use tools, activities, videos, and interaction, we will take the concepts from Infinite Possibilities and turn them into a process that you can begin using immediately to change your life for the better RIGHT NOW; feel empowered, and create the life you desire!

Infinite Possibilities I Believe in ME! Program Support

Would you like to support IP: IBIM and/or sponsor a student in the IP: IBIM Program through the Homeless Families Foundation? To do so, please contact Donna Powell @ or 614-715-8382 to make your 100% tax deductible donation. Supporting one student in the program can be done for $330 but no donation is too small! Please designate that the donation is for the I Believe in ME! program specifically, and I thank you in advance for your gift.

Click here to Register Now! If you have any questions, please email me:

“The reason most don’t recognize the miracles that are performed on their behalf, is because there’s just so many of them.” – Mike Dooley

Purchasing the: I Believe in ME! training materials
– for Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainers only!

Anyone not certified as an IP trainer is required to purchase the entire IP: IBIM program package, which includes the 12 hours of webinar training.

Included in your purchase:
Electronic version – $299 

  • Instructor manual – including session video and materials suggestions
  • Student Funbooks for ages 5-8 and 9-16
  • 8 complete session PPTs for each age category
  • Hard copies of both the Student Funbook and Instructor Manuals available for purchase through

Signed release agreements are required through Rebecca for all training or materials purchases.  For payment on any of the materials or trainings, please click here to visit the registration page.