About This Trainer

Rebecca holds a BS in counseling and marketing, but considers herself a life-long student with a passion for knowledge that has led her to study and practice everything from art to dance, engineering and etiology. It was during her engineering studies, specifically quantum physics, that her desire to apply it to solutions involving the human body and thought processes became the focus of both her personal life and career journey.  In addition to volunteering in a hospital environment doing healing touch energy field work with patients, organizing and participating in retreats, she has a private holistic therapy practice in Columbus, Ohio where she combines counseling with a variety of other modalities including: deep relaxation techniques, guided meditation, NLP, hypnosis, gentle massage, Reiki, healing touch, yoga, and life coaching.  Many years ago, Rebecca designed and developed a guided meditation audio series with brainwave entrainment that she still uses today to augment her therapy in addition to providing populations without personal access, like soldiers overseas, a way to still benefit from her years of research and development.
Certified as an Infinite Possibilities trainer by Mike Dooley, she also facilitates classes on living life more deliberately called: “Empower Yourself Now : Create the Life You Desire,” in various private settings along with adventurous, desirable, and exotic retreat locations. It is both her vision and intention to offer her empowerment program to “those who have yet been reached,”  in hospitals, cancer centers, touch trauma support groups and… Read more >>

Thoughts Become Things

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