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Infinite Possibilities For The Well-Traveled Soul

for those with life experience and wisdom but traveling an unexpected path in life

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Infinite Possibilities for the Well-Traveled Soul is designed to bring light, love, and possibility to our senior population, those struggling through grief, dementia, and/or those whose journey has taken an unexpected path through an injury, accident, or life-changing health issue.


Permission To Dream Again!

  • A guide to connect them back to a place of comfort, light, love, happiness and joy.

  • The power to manage their own mind and therefore create the feelings and changes in life that they want.

  • The chance to remember what makes them feel good in life, motivates them, and reminds them that each day on this earth is an opportunity to dream of, and feel, the infinite possibilities.

As the caregiver, you will gift your adventurer with:

Attend One of Our Caregiver Trainings

Join our self-guided online course!

Caregiver guide sessions overview

 Session 1. Introduction to Infinite Possibilities for the Well-Traveled Soul 

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Benefit – Get to know each other, the purpose of the program, and what to expect from the Caregiver or Program Facilitator and the program itself.

Session 2. Thoughts Become Things

Benefit – To establish an understanding of the importance of choice in everything that one does in life beginning with what one thinks about.


Session 3. Meditation and Visualizations

Benefit – To provide an introduction to the concepts of meditation and visualizations to increase awareness of one’s own mind and its ability to shift one’s life experience through intention.

Session 4. Beliefs

Benefit – To understand that this is where many of our thoughts and emotions come from and that we have the ability to shift to beliefs that are more agreeable to achieving success in whatever area we choose.



Session 5. Empowering Beliefs

Benefit – To understand that limiting beliefs are what often hold us back and show how easy it is to shift them into beliefs that work for us in achieving our goals and dreams.

Session 6. Emotions

Benefit – Learning the importance of honoring our emotions as life’s feedback system but also to show our ability to shift them to ones that feel better when we are ready to move on.  This includes understanding that we have the ability to choose the emotions that we want in life as opposed to waiting for life to provide circumstances for us to respond to.


Session 7. Art Therapy

Benefit – To have a quiet reflective experience with a form of art, like a mandala, that shows connection and creates a sense of calm.  Acknowledge the importance of art therapy as a choice for managing one’s own emotions.

Session 8. Dreams, Goals and Taking Action

Benefit – To show the importance of having dreams, designing goals, and following through with baby steps each day toward achievement. 

Session 9. Vision Boards and Community Puzzle

Benefit – Creation of a physical object that becomes a daily reminder of one’s dreams, or a visual of how important each individual is as a part of a whole, provides participants more fun and relaxed opportunities for learning and development of these concepts.


Attending an Infinite Possibilities for the Well-Traveled Soul Training offers Caregivers the following:


6 hours of online training

Downloadable PDFs of the Caregivers and Adventurer’s Guides

A fully customizable Powerpoint deck to use with your Adventurer

Bonus (live training only): A mastermind group coaching session to answer all of your Infinite Possibilities for the Well-Traveled Soul marketing questions

  • 149.99$
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Infinite Possibilities for the Well-Traveled Soul  encourages those on an unconventional path to remember that:

  • Life is magical.

  • You are powerful.

  • Everyone can succeed, no matter whom, no matter what.

Starting with, noticing the thoughts we have…this was a step I have been missing. It’s so helpful to be more aware…I’ve noticed more of my thoughts in the last couple of days than I ever have before.

And I walked away understanding the gift of being here, and that manifesting our dreams is truly possible.

I really love training Infinite Possibilities for the Well-Traveled Soul! This workshop speaks to anyone going through a life change and needing more support. The sessions, exercises, discussions and doable action steps really set each participant up for success. The material is presented in a way that makes it easy to train and for participants to understand. The overall message that we are here to thrive, not just survive is one that we can all benefit from hearing.

I was very happy to participate in the “Introduction to Infinite Possibilities for the Well -Traveled Soul. The idea that one can live their life deliberately and can create life changes was fascinating to me as a person who gets overwhelmed quite easily. 

With the help of certain key phrases or thoughts it gave me a plan as to how to affect these changes.

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Melissa Barbour
Susan Thurston
Program Facilitator
Jean Armour

Get your Infinite Possibilities for the Well-Traveled Soul paperback guides designed to work together, today!

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Adventurer's Guide

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