Program Overview

Infinite Possibilities and Infinite Possibilities: I Believe in ME! are programs that are designed to show and teach how to “Live Life More Deliberately” through understanding just how powerful we are, and how limitless life’s magic really is!  The step-by-step programs can be custom designed and delivered in a variety of formats, depending on the needs and desires of those in each class.

Infinite Possibilities is divided into seven different sections, typically taught over the course of:

  • Eight, 1-hour sessions
  • Four, 2-hour or 90 minute sessions
  • Two half day sessions
  • One full day workshop

The Infinite Possibilities: I Believe in ME! youth program is divided into seven sessions for the youngest students, ages 5-8 and ten sessions for ages 9-16.  Session times are approximately one hour per session.


Key Takeaways and Benefits of Programs

Everyone who goes through this program will come away with:

  • An understanding of how to identify your limiting beliefs, so you can move past barriers and attract more of what you want into your life (Love, Health, Money… you name it!)
  • Priceless tools and resources for destroying negativity, creating happiness NOW, and having better relationships and connection in all areas of your life.
  • A sense of trust that everything you desire is within your reach, and knowledge of how to attain it so that you can live more free immediately, and can find pleasure and joy in every moment.
  • Everything in life creates a choice and it is your job to choose the best one.


Programs Breakdown

Infinite Possibilities – adult program

Key Points and Benefits

Preface/Introduction – Infinite Possibilities

  1. Life is magical.
  2. We are powerful.
  3. Everyone can succeed, no matter who, no matter what.

Benefits: Sets the stage for active participation while creating a safe environment where participants feel open to share without judgment.

Chapter 1 – Thoughts Become Things

  1. “Thoughts Become Things” is the starting point of creating any type of change.
  2. You don’t have to be positive 24/7 to have a happy successful life.
  3. Use a creative visualization exercise once a day.

Benefits: Connects the dots between previous success and how we can begin to leverage our thoughts more consistently to move/change various aspects of our lives. Highlight real world relevant stories to illustrate how this is done.

Chapter 2 – Beliefs

  1. Your beliefs hide behind your opinions about life, people, happiness, etc.
  2. Your beliefs shape your thoughts, and therefore your life.
  3. You can change your beliefs by changing your thoughts, words, and behavior.

Benefits: Participants are able to understand the connection between their thoughts and beliefs and how they interact with each other. Participants leverage previous successes in making this connection and then by identifying limiting beliefs that may be holding them back.

Chapter 3 – Emotions

  1. Our emotions are the product of our beliefs and perceptions.
  2. Emotions are life’s feedback system.
  3. Unpleasant emotions can point to limiting beliefs about certain situations.

Benefits: This section demonstrates for participants how to have increased awareness about their emotions and how to shift their thinking to move towards more positive emotions. Participants learn how to troubleshoot emotional reactions to stressors and identify limiting beliefs.

Chapter 4 – Taking Action

  1. For creating major life changes, taking action is necessary.
  2. You don’t have to know HOW your dream will come true.
  3. By taking action, you are creating possibilities – infinite possibilities!

Benefits: Shows participants how to connect with previous successes and actions taken towards those successes. Powerfully demonstrates how action creates opportunity. Participants begin to map out action steps they can take from where they are now.

Chapter 5 –Instincts and Hunches, Dreams and Desires

  1. Instincts and hunches are from our “higher” spiritual selves.
  2. Our dreams and desires are windows into the future.
  3. We all have inner senses that guide us.

Benefits: Participants identify how instincts and hunches have been a part of everyday life. They begin to understand how these instincts and hunches can have a dramatic impact on attaining change in their life. We connect them to their dreams and desires so they begin to understand the BIG picture in how attaining a Dream and Desire has a ripple effect that allow others to attain their dreams and goals.

Chapter 6 – Faith

  1. Faith means having confidence in something that you cannot see.
  2. Even amongst uncertainties, we can still live deliberately.
  3. We are not alone.

Benefits: Participants have the opportunity to explore where faith currently exists in their life and how it has supported past accomplishments and experiences where dreams came true. They also explore the fact that they are the source for their own personal power in creating change in their lives regardless of current circumstances.  Participants learn how their prior experience and understanding factor into their faith in self.

Chapter 7 – The Meaning of Life

  1. Life is an adventure into learning and happiness.
  2. The meaning or purpose of life is simply to live it.
  3. Success boils down to vision, belief, and actions.

Benefits: Participants gain an understanding of what drives the adventure of life. They learn that challenges are a part of the journey and it is how we meet those challenges that determines where we land, especially when it comes to creating change.


Infinite Possibilities I Believe in ME! Youth Program

The youth version of the program expands on several of the foundational pieces of Infinite Possibilities to create a solid awareness of what they are and how to apply them.  Their benefits will be the same as those above in the first 4 sections. There is also an emphasis placed on choices = consequences, our words matter, and we are all divine, special, unique, wonderful, loved, and connected.

  • Session 1Introduction to the program
  • Session 2Thoughts Become Things
  • Session 3Meditation and Visualization
  • Session 4Beliefs
  • Session 5Limiting Beliefs Into Empowering Beliefs
  • Session 6Emotions
  • Session 7Mandalas
  • Session 8Setting Goals and Taking Action
  • Session 9Vision Boards and Assembling a Community Puzzle
  • Session 10Graduation Party and Creating a Class Video

Overall Benefits of the Adult and Youth Programs: Empowered people, of any age, are HAPPY people who are productive and enjoy their lives!”

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” – Nikos Kazantzakis

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