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Love. Health. Abundance. Happiness.

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Meet Rebecca

Author, Speaker and Co-creator of Infinite Possibilities for the Well-Traveled Soul & I Believe in ME! 

(A youth empowerment program)

In addition to being an author, professional speaker, and education program creator, I am most thrilled that I am a truly happy person! I consider myself a lifelong student with a passion for knowledge that has enticed me to study everything from art to dance, engineering and etiology.


Until 2015, I operated my own private holistic therapy practice in Columbus, Ohio where I combined counseling with a variety of additional modalities that include: deep relaxation techniques, guided meditation, NLP, hypnosis, gentle massage, Reiki, healing touch, life coaching, and The Infinite Possibilities Program for a mind, body, spirit approach to therapy.

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Become an I Believe in ME! or
Infinite Possibilities for the Well-Traveled Soul facilitator- Our next training begins soon!

I Believe in ME!

Infinite Possibilities for the Well-Traveled Soul

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Join our self-guided online course

Join our self-guided online course

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"Each day offers a brand new road to travel and explore. This is your opportunity to create life with fresh eyes and an open, adventurous heart... what will you discover, about yourself, on life's road today?"

Oh my goodness.

Thank you for your light, inspiration and generosity.

- Lorraine Ellen

I saw you do part of your program with raps and puppets at the Infinite Possibilities Conference in Santa Fe 2017. I was so moved by it and just knew how many lives you were going to touch and change with it. I had an epiphany and know who and how I want to share it. Thank you for your positive contributions to making our world a better place.

- Mary Anne Bennett

What you have created is bringing light and healing and empowerment world wide!

- Lois Thompson

I Believe in ME! coloring book

I Believe in Me! School: Where All Students Have Superpowers!
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